My Boy is Growing Up

This kid…


Conner: 2 days old and a lovely shade of jaundice, don’t you think?

…had Kindergarten screening on Friday.  Be still my heart.  Conner was excited about it all week long.  I was excited, too.  But, mostly I was just scared that I was going to forget and everyone would know think that I am that mom.  

On the contrary, I want to be known as that mom who has it all together.  You know what I’m talking about, that Martha Stewart mom who decorates for every season, has her kids in the nicest and cleanest clothes without a wrinkle or fleck of dirt in sight, who sends cupcakes that look like soft bunnies or teddy bears for her kids’ birthdays, and never forgets her son’s backpack or homework. You know, that mom.  

Unfortunately, Martha Stewart simply isn’t part of my genetic make up.  Instead, I’m the mom who barely gets the kids out of the door on time, realizes once we are halfway to our destination that my kids are not only wearing the exact same clothes as yesterday (and possibly the day before), but they’re also not wearing any underwear.  And that whole cupcake-soft bunny-teddy bear thing? Not so much.

Grey's bear

Epic fail.  Vicki’s response?  ”Wow, that bear looks like crap!”

Parental flaws aside, Conner is going to Kindergarten.  And he can’t wait.  According to the teacher who worked with him, he is “totally ready.”  I never questioned that.  What I want to know is, am I ready? This Kindergarten screening had me feeling all kinds of emotions.  Excitement for Conner, nervousness about the unknowns (and the knowns) of public school, fear of losing control and having to recognize we will have less say in who/what influences our boy, and the realization that this roller coaster ride isn’t slowing down any time soon.  

This kid…


Photo by Allison Trowbridge.

 …is going to get on a big yellow school bus in August and he will leave his mother behind in a puddle of tears and snot.  But, when I pick myself up off of the ground, I’ll say a prayer and then I will rest in the knowledge that I am a mom who has loved and continues to love her boy, has tried to teach him the importance of kindness and respect, and who trusts that he will be guided down the halls of his school by One who loves him even more than I do.  And then I’ll go into the house and slobber and weep all over his younger brothers while I still can. Because I’m that mom.

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Things are a Little Tense ‘Round Here

I’m not handling the stress in my life very well right now.  I spend most of my days on the verge of tears, ready to snap at the next person who looks at me.  Things that should just roll off my back are instead seriously testing my emotional stability, causing me to overreact to very benign things.  I’ve been in a similar place before, as you might recall, but this may be the worst ever.  For example:

  • I had a completely bizarre conversation with a woman at church on Sunday and it was so upsetting that at some point I declared, “I would rather give birth in front of the ENTIRE CONGREGATION than have that conversation again!”  The crazy thing is that I meant it.  Still do.
  • My husband was innocently eating a bowl of cereal next to me in bed and I kicked him out of bed saying his noises were making me nuts and could he please be more considerate about where he consumes such noisy foods.
  • I got to the gym at 5:15 this morning and found the classroom full of new people.  Someone was in my spot.  It almost pushed me over the edge into the depths of insanity.
  • I drove to pick up the girls from school today.  I turned on Sirius radio trying to get the headlines from CNN only to be informed that my Sirius subscription had run out.  I started crying.

Yes, the stress is getting to me.  So much transition, so many things unsettled.  I am trying to take all of this only one step at a time, but the last two weeks have been some of my hardest.  I am doing my best to be nice to others, but frankly, I’m finding kindness hard to come by these days.  Sigh. This will get better, I know it will.  But change is HARD!  In the meantime, I am back to the basics of counting to ten before I react and I may or may not be avoiding people in an effort to preserve my reputation as a nice person.  I hope it works. 



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Life As We Know It

It’s been a busy few weeks for our family.  Between work, preschool, church, house upkeep, and social opportunities, there isn’t a lot of time to sit and be bored.  That, and there are three kids in the house.  There is seldom a dull moment in our home.  Here is a glimpse into our lives over the last two weeks.  

Greyson had another mysterious fever last week.  It was low grade (never over 101.8), but it lasted almost 6 days.  He was pitiful and cranky, but he was also quite snuggly when he wanted to be.  I had jury duty on Tuesday, so Jon stayed home from work to be with the boys.  He didn’t seem to mind.


Snuggles with Daddy 

As noted above, I had jury duty last week.  I was highly irritated because I had a sick little boy at home and the last place I wanted to be was in a court room.  I told people that I didn’t care what the charge was, I was going for the death penalty.  For the record, I’m not sure I even believe in the death penalty, but this was a huge inconvenience.  Fortunately, one of the defendant’s claims was that the plaintiff suffered from Major Depressive Disorder and Somatoform Disorder.  When they asked if anyone worked in the mental health field, I raised my hand and answered the questions that followed.  Shortly after that, the plaintiff’s attorney thanked me, then dismissed me.  I guess they didn’t want my opinion on the matter.  I was home by 11am.  Perfect.

We took the boys to see Great-Grandma Marce on Saturday.  They love to play with her toys as well as her walker.  We tore them away from the toys long enough to get a picture with three generations of Leichtys:

boys with Marce

Marce with a few of her boys. 

Greyson has started to throw little fits.  Sometimes they’re infuriating and sometimes they’re highly entertaining.  He got a little upset while we were visiting Great-Grandma, so Jon decided to record it.  Ever wonder how one learns to feed emotions?  Here’s how it starts:


Fits aside, Greyson is learning to talk and even though I’m sad to hear less of his baby jargon, the new words he tries to say are pretty cute, too.  Currently, Jon’s notification tone on his phone is the communication beep from “Power Rangers”  (and yes, I agree: that is weird).  

Communicator Notification – “Go, go, Power Rangers!”

Of course, the boys find it delightful and whenever the tone sounds, Greyson yells, “Go! Go! Go!”  He’s also saying “more, Mommy, Daddy, dog, kitty, ball” and other typical words for kids his age.  He’s simply getting too old too fast.  

We have a window in our house that overlooks the side yard and the neighbor’s backyard. As toddlers, all three of the boys loved to stand at that window and eat their snacks off of the windowsill.  It’s the perfect height for the little guys and it is conveniently located near a heat vent, so it’s nice and cozy.  Jon knelt with Greyson the other day while he was eating his snack and I heard him say, “Oh my goodness, Kim.  Have you looked into this vent lately?”  He took the grate off and this is what we found:

Food in vent


Apparently, Greyson tosses as much as he eats.  In case you wanted a close up:

Food in vent close up

I promise this in no way reflects the way our family feels about  Golden Grahams, Kix, Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, or Life cereal. Did I miss anything?

Conner has his Kindergarten screening coming up this week.  As I was going over his school form last week, I was thankful I could circle “yes” for questions such as, “Does he know his colors?  Letters?  Numbers?”  But, was dismayed to answer “no” for the question, “Can he tie his shoes?”  The child can read some words, but it never crossed my mind that he should learn to tie his shoes.  I thought that was a skill learned in Kindergarten.  Apparently, I was a little dramatic when I stated this task is simply too daunting, because Jon rolled his eyes at me and took charge.  He may be an IT guy, but he’s an educator at heart.  And for that this impatient girl is so very thankful. 

Tying shoes

I don’t understand why Kindergarten teachers don’t want to teach this skill to a classroom full of 5 and 6 year old children.  That doesn’t sound frustrating at all. (Is there a special font for sarcasm?  Because there should be.)

So, another week (or two) is done and a new one begins.  Here’s hoping the coming one is fever-free and filled with warmth and sunshine.  Have a great Monday!


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