More Before and After Pics, and a Fun Announcement!

While we were in the middle of fixing up our house this summer, I ended up doing a ton of work to various furniture pieces that we had acquired one way or another.  We were in need of several furniture pieces when we moved in, and we were able to get them at a reasonable cost, but many of them were, well, ugly.

Exhibit A:

27-New House 057

This was a beat up credenza that was falling apart and definitely had a 1970’s vibe to it.  A guy at a local secondhand furniture place told me I would be doing him a favor if I took it off his hands.  So I did.  I couldn’t figure out why it had been sitting in his store for so long.  I guess no one thought of painting it coral:

49-New House 092 48-New House 090

It fits perfectly in our entryway and is a great storage piece for games and art supplies. 

Here’s a few more transformed projects:

29-New House 060 28-New House 058 41-New House 081 39-New House 079

Amazing what a little paint and a lot of patience will do!  I actually love our new bedroom furniture and it makes me happy to know I had a hand in recreating an ugly, outdated piece.

I know this one doesn’t seem to have much potential.  But I picked it up at a yard sale for $1.00.  Crazy!  How could I not at least give it a shot?  A little paint, a new shelf to replace the broken drawer, some new hardware and cute baskets. . .

30-New House 062

And voila!  We have a pretty dresser that fits perfectly in Bryn’s room!

31-New House 065

Switching gears slightly, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite people on earth:

2-IMG_0861 This is my friend LaRonda.  We’ve known each other nearly 20 years.  She is Canadian, I am from Michigan, we both married Lancaster County Boys and ended up living just a few blocks from each other in Pennsylvania during our newlywed years.  Through a crazy, long, nearly unbelievable series of events, we moved to Ohio, then they moved to Ohio.  We settled in Urbana, they settled in Marysville.  We moved to Michigan, they came to visit.  We got a call to join a church in Marysville, we called Tim and LaRonda and started our conversation with, “You guys won’t even believe this. . .” When we told them we were moving to Marysville, we all started cracking up and saying, “What are the chances??”

SO.  Now I am living just 3 minutes from one of my best friends.  She is creative, smart, funny, and full of great ideas.  She likes to create.  I like to create.  I like big picture stuff; she likes details.  I think in big, bold colors; she is drawn toward sophisticated, understated design.  After much discussion, prayer, dreaming, budgeting, and just a teeny bit of anxiety, LaRonda and I have decided to jump into a business together.  Which brings me to my announcement:

LaRonda and I are now business partners and co-owners of Birch Tree Studio:

BTS small logo We are reclaiming furniture most people are overlooking and working hard to make it beautiful again.  Here’s a few of our favorite pieces:

  16-Birch Tree Studio 034 18-Birch Tree Studio 041 26-Birch Tree Studio 062

We have been working in my garage, which we have claimed as our studio:

04-Birch Tree Studio 084

And, well, I’ve never had so much fun in my life.  We would be honored if you would click over to our facebook page and follow us!  I have just started posting some pictures over there and we will also keep you posted on upcoming sales and events where we will be setting up our goods.

So there you have it.  I’ve been a busy little beaver over the last few weeks as we’ve jumped in headfirst. I am super excited about this new stage of life and I hope you’ll join me on this fun adventure!

7 thoughts on “More Before and After Pics, and a Fun Announcement!”

  1. First of all I wish you and your friend all the success in the world with your new business. I would love to see it.
    I think this is especially interesting because this fixing up furniture and being creative seems to be in the blood of us relatives. My youngest dau. Carolien, after many yrs of trying to find her nitch is going to school and learning to restore furniture and reapolsture. She loves it.
    Take care, marye m from Holland

  2. Oh how fun! I have been brainstorming a fun new business idea here lately and your story is giving me yet another nudge that maybe I should just go for it!

  3. Wishing you the best on this new adventure. One that I believe is fun and something that is needed in this community. Congratulations and it is wonderful to see you so close. Best wishes.

  4. What a great adventure! Your furniture looks fantastic. I love to see the transformation of old furniture into something useful and beautiful.

  5. I love what you’ve done with these pieces! It’s great to see good, but outdated, furniture recycled this way. I think I’ll have to contact you when I have pieces that need help. 🙂

    Here’s to great success in your new venture!

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