My name is Kim (or Kimmie, if you’ve known me a while) and I am married to my favorite IT guy, Jon. Together, we have 3 incredibly delicious and ornery  boys named Conner (5), Rylan (3), and Greyson (1).  I work part time as a youth and family therapist in a nearby town and the rest of my time is devoted to family, church, music, cooking, cleaning, chasing kids, cleaning, chasing kids, and cleaning.   1-001

A few months ago my sister, Vicki, told me that she and Conrad were seriously considering moving their family to Thailand. That was the last time she and I talked about it for several weeks because I was too grumpy to process it any further.  I’m still grumpy about it some days, but I’m committed to growing up and dealing with it as God’s grace allows. My hope for this blog is that you’ll patiently walk with us on this journey as we prepare for the Great Separation and as we discover what it means to be sisters gone global.