My name is Vicki and I’m the older sister who is moving away.  Many years ago, when Conrad and I were dating, he asked me if I would consider living in Thailand because he felt like God was calling him there.  I said nope.  See ya.  You’re a really nice guy and everything, but I don’t think this is gonna work out.  It’s not you it’s me.  Well, I guess he really liked me because we got married and now we’re raising our three daughters:  Lydia and Bryn are twins (11) and the little sister is Ellie (7).  Now 18 years after that initial conversation about moving to Thailand, we are making plans to move.  And I’m the one who brought it up.  It’s a long story.  I hope to unfold it The Family as I write here on this little blog.

Other stuff you might want to know about me:  I love cooking, baking, and tasting!  Coffee, long walks, and Sunday afternoon naps are also favorite pastimes.  But I can’t think of anything I like better than getting on an airplane in a familiar airport, then getting off the airplane in a place I’ve never been before.  Makes me giddy just to think of it!  I have been in ministry nearly 20 years, mostly willingly, sometimes reluctantly. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Bible and am currently a full time graduate student working on my Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies.

Oh yeah, one other thing:  I once had a finger broken by my little sister.  We used to fight all the time.  Now we’re best friends.  But that’s another long story.