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Let it Snow, Let it Snow…Ok, That’s Enough

We finally got our first somewhat significant snow fall of Winter, 2013.  Schools closed down, grocery stores were packed and running low on staples like milk and bread, and the boys were beside themselves with excitement as they watched the snowflakes fall.  Having grown up in Michigan, I can appreciate a good covering of snow.  I can enjoy watching the snow accumulate on the frozen ground and I do feel warm and cozy as I snuggle under a blanket with my boys or as I drink my coffee while gazing out my window at the mesmerizing flakes.  

As a kid, I loved the snow, too.  I can remember wearing my snowsuit and moonboots to Bay Port Elementary and dreaming of the incredible snow forts my friends and I would make at recess.  Of course, we only had about 7 minutes to build the forts since it took us the first 8 minutes of recess to actually get the said snowsuit and moonboots on.

Smoking hot. {Source}

I have memories of playing in the snow with Chad and Vicki,too.  We used to have piles and piles of snow on our farm in Pigeon.  Don’t tell my mom, but we used to slide down the roof of one of our barns and land in a pile of snow.  I also remember throwing snowballs at my dad while he was removing snow with his loader tractor.  Actually, I only remember doing that once because not long after I threw my first snowball, Dad brought the load of snow he had just removed from our driveway and dumped it on my head.  

Building a snowman with my dad. Notice that my mom took this picture through the screen of the window. She was the smart one who stayed in the house.

Ah, winter as a kid…full of laughter, fluffy snow, adorable snowmen, intricate snow forts, hot cocoa, and the list goes on.  I loved snow as a kid all the way to the ripe old age of 13 when my sister got her driver’s license.  It was then that I encountered the underbelly of winter: scraping snow and ice off of her car before school, trudging through it to get into the car, gripping the sides of my seat with white-knuckled fingers as she navigated the Dodge Omni through what looked like 8 feet  of the white fluffy crap. 

The Dodge…Dick, Jane, and Lassie wouldn’t be smiling if they were standing beside that car in a snowy ditch. {Source}

You should ask Vicki some time about the five times (in one winter) that she and I either got stuck in the snow or spun into a snowy ditch with that lovely Dodge.  One time in particular, we were on our way home from church when we started to fishtail.  I can still hear her trying to talk herself through it saying, “Just turn in to the spin, don’t slam on your breaks…”  Meanwhile, I’m all “Jesus, take the wheeeeeeel!” Terrifying.  That particular time, we were in my parents’ minivan and we hit the ditch so hard that we popped a tire.  That takes skill.

Now that I’m a parent, I love watching my boys get excited about snow, but that’s about it.  We don’t have a garage, so I still have to scrape off my van.  I still get nervous about driving (or riding) in snow and the mess that snow and winter outerwear creates in my house?  I’m over it. 

boot mess 2
The smell of wet snowpants, boots, and gloves…yuck.

But, then I see images like this:

G in snowpants
Greyson pondering what it might be like outside of that window.

 And this: 

R after slide


C on slide
Snow + 10 foot slide = 5 year old’s heart-pounding excitement.

And when I see pictures like this, I’m transported to Bay Port Elementary and a peaceful farm on Haist Road and I remember that this is bliss.  Even though snow is cold, wet, and messy.  My boys love it.  

And the best news of all?  I married this guy.  And he loves snow almost as much as my boys do.  

Tractor rides in the snow.

So now I’m the one taking pictures from inside of the house.  And I’m making cookies and hot cocoa.  So, let it snow.  All four of my boys are happy and I can handle a little mess…until February.  Then I’m done for real.